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The following is a selection papers and reports in our research areas.

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The Implications of Information and Communications on Youth Employment, an issues paper for the International Labour Office, Geneva

(Word doc 64k, PDF 164k)

Author of World Wide Work: using Information and Communication Technologies to export knowledge intensive services for the Department of Industry Science and Resources.
Co-author of a report on Economic Drivers and Shapers for the WA Economy over the next 25 years for the Technology and Industry Advisory Council.
Collaborator, with the Institute of Regional Development, on the Warren Blackwood Development Plan for the South West Development Commission.
Teamleader for the Office of Information and Communication’s WA Information and Communication comprising:
  • A survey of the WA ICT Industry
  • A global scan of selected regional ICT industries analysis of policy setting
  • Technologies Industries Development Strategy
  • Drafting programs and initiatives for the development of the WA ICT industry
An examination of the WA ICT Industry associations for the Office of Information and Communications within the WA Department of Commerce and Trade
The conceptualisation and basic design with colleagues from the Imago Cooperative Multimedia Centre of the MITE, an integrated, turn-key telecommunications/multimedia unit for installation in remote sites both within Australia and overseas.
Mines to Minds: Western Australia in the Global Information Economy for the Technology Industry Advisory Council
Telecommunications Needs Studies and Implementation Plans for both the Wheatbelt (W) and Gascoyne (G) Development Commissions.
Torbay to Young's Study: Opportunities for small rural businesses to use the internet

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