About Us

My Philosophy

Business coaching is a people business, with a solid analytical edge. Every business is driven by a big personality who has built the operation and drives it forward. This is our turf.

Curiosity is what drives me. It is always exciting to hear an owner’s journey, to hear what’s worked and what hasn’t, to hear about future dreams and the solutions they have developed to make dreams real.

Often making those dreams real is the biggest challenge. Day-to-day firefighting consumes the owner and there is no headspace for the consistent action needed to make change. Sometimes a little inspiration is needed, maybe bringing a fresh set of eyes to the plan or just agreeing on some deadlines to create momentum. Getting that balance right, along with a good serve of business smarts, that’s the coaching job.

My business is to make your business a success; to turn a good profit, reduce your stress, give you the freedom and recover the possibilities you dreamed of when you began.


My Experience

Over the decades I have worked with hundreds of business owners operating in all industries: from wine growers to metal fabricators; cabinet makers to IT service providers.

They are all different, not so much because of their industries but because of the personalities and the passion the owners have for what they have built. A consistent achievement I can claim is to provide owners with options to achieve their goals, and deliver the triple bonus. Sometimes that’s about a different perspective but it is often about sharing the experiences of others.

I recognise patterns and see how they can be applied to different situations.

Business Exit Preparation

Face-to-face or online

Value Builder Consultant

Face-to-face or online

Group Coaching

Face-to-face or online

Group Coaching

Face-to-face or online

I find Peter very intelligent and engaging with a canny knack of getting to the bottom of what makes a business tick in a most friendly and productive manner. My work with Peter was efficient, effective and most productive; his experience and insights from outside the business looking into ours made a significant contribution to the next steps taken and the success of those.

Cameron Crowley, Business Development, Maverick Biosciences

I had the pleasure of working with Peter for several years on an innovative project to kickstart the Perth startup ecosystem. He has terrific attention for detail, an enquiring mind, and a great capacity to grasp the big picture. An absolutely genuine gent by nature. If you want to sit down with someone who makes you think – and be glad that you did – have a coffee with Peter. You’ll be glad you did.

Justin Davies, Managing Director, Emergination

I found Peter easy to work with, useful and constructive. He caused us to reflect on and to review our existing practices, helped us to open our minds to possibilities & gave us confidence to successfully follow through on a government grant. His advice empowered us to better digital control of our systems in our business, enhanced our record keeping. The whole engagement stepped us more into a modern digital world.

Peter Sackett, Managing Director, CDE Design Solutions